Slavko Kacunko & Micro Human (eds), Sabine Kacunko. Bacteria, Art and other Bagatelles (2016). Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna [274 pgs.]

This book appears on the occasion of the project INVINCIBLE – a Big Bacteria project for Colosseum, Rome (17.–19.09.2015), which is being granted UNESCO-patronage in the context of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies 2015. With Sabine Kacunko’s bacteria art in mind, alleged contradictions between the cultural and natural heritage- and health-issues are set in the focus of attention. The volume follows the major tracks of Sabine Kacunko´s artistic development. It includes a comprehensive catalogue of works 1990–2015 (280 images) and an introductory essay by Slavko Kacunko. 

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